Wakening to your Tattoos

Try to wipe them off.

Making a permanent decision is a difficult thing. I frankly don’t trust people that are afraid of tattoos. Making idiotic decisions, like an enormous lotus on the side of your neck while under the influence of methamphetamine would be on the idiot side. Wondering why you can’t get that corporate job because of the spider creeping alongside your eyebrow speaks for itself.

I chose my art because of the description of the samurai: you can take your art with you. My sleeve was the end result of hundreds of hours of art history, psychedelics, dreams and black magick interest. Funny are the comments about the “jew star” tattooed in rainbow along the inside of my forearm (it’s a septagram formed in the tradition of John Dee’s heptagram crafted to summon demons http://www.esotericarchives.com/dee/hm.htm).

I’m getting to place where my decisions are final. I don’t expect my body to perform at a blistering pace, I may as well do it now. My yogic CV is wrapping up. My sons are adults and my daughter is in the care of her mother, as it should be, and my book is unwritten. Time to attend to it.


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